AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

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Pros: The AeroPress makes an excellent espresso or Americano and is much more affordable than the average electric home espresso maker.

Cons: You can only make one or two cups of coffee at a time with the AeroPress.

What is the AeroPress Coffee Maker?

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is a specialized system that looks very similar to a giant syringe. It consists of three parts: one brewing cylinder, a slightly smaller plunger cylinder that fits inside the brewing cylinder, and a filter holder that you screw into the brewing chamber.

The AeroPress is highly portable and does not require any batteries or electricity, although of, course you'll need something to boil water as well.

In-Depth AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

Created in 2005, the AeroPress is revolutionizing how people around the world brew their coffee. It brews the perfect cup of coffee or espresso (in fact, many people prefer it for espressos) in a mere 30 seconds, it's incredibly portable, and the plastic is both safe to clean and easy to travel with.

What makes the AeroPress really interesting is the methods used to brew the coffee, especially the most popular method, known as the upside down brew.

To brew your coffee using the upside down brew, first take apart your AeroPress. Insert a filter into the specialized plastic holder, then wet the filter and cap. This water acts as a lubricant for the plunger, making it easier to brew your coffee.

Now reassemble your AeroPress (most AeroPress drinkers suggest doing this step on a scale, at least the first few times) with the flared end up, making sure all the connective parts are dry to keep the seal. Add 15-18g of coffee grounds, being careful to avoid the gutter at the top of the AeroPress.

With your coffee grounds in, it's time to add water! The amount of water you use should be exactly twice the weight of the coffee grounds in your AeroPress. For ideal brewing, the water should be around 200ºF. You may need to tamp the grounds down to make sure the coffee saturates the water evenly.

After about 30 seconds fill the rest of the compartment with water. Let this sit for one full minute, stirring several times to make sure everything mixes properly.

At the end of your minute, fasten the cap so it locks tightly and flip the AeroPress over onto your brewing container. Push the plunger down, forcing the water into the brewing vessel. It should be moderately hard to push; if it's too difficult, your grounds are too fine, but if it's too easy your grounds are too coarse.

The entire process takes about two minutes, not counting the time it takes to boil your water (you can set it to boil while you're assembling the AeroPress to save time).


The AeroPress Coffee Maker is a pretty incredible coffee brewing system. It is quite affordable, ranging between $30-50 depending on where you buy it, and it produces excellent coffee and espresso. It's also small enough to take on the road with you and the plastic housing means you can even take it in a carry-on bag without having to worry.

Unfortunately, the AeroPress does require a certain amount of physical coordination and strength some of us simply don't have first thing in the morning. If you're not careful this process can become quite messy, so if you're really out of it in the mornings you'll want to stick with a french press or another coffee brewing system.

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