12 Coffee Podcasts We Can't Stop Listening To

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For many people, coffee is more than just something they drink to start their day. It's a delightful beverage offering endless adventures.

Some of these people are generous enough to share their adventures with others, either on blogs like this one, in videos, or in podcasts. We love podcasts in particular because they're a great way to transform your morning commute into something truly worthwhile. And of course, there's nothing we'd rather hear about than coffee.

12 Awesome Coffee Podcasts

Along our own coffee journey we've discovered podcasts of all kinds, and we've chosen the best of the best to share with you today. All we can hope is that you'll love them as much as we do!

1. The Coffee Podcast

The Coffee Podcast was started by two coffee lovers, Jesse Hartman and Weston Peterson, who found most coffee talk too focused on the things in coffee at the expense of the people who work with it. Most of their podcasts spotlight remarkable individuals who are making waves in the industry. They put a podcast up every Friday and have over 85 episodes, giving you plenty to listen to.

2. Coffee Awesome

Coffee Awesome is hosted by the great Björg Brend Laird, co-founder of AKA Coffee. Björg also has an extensive background in radio, so you can rest assured that you'll love his voice as much as you love the content of Coffee Awesome. Coffee Awesome runs once a month and every episode is themed around a different topic related to coffee, ranging from the science of coffee to the business of running a café.

3. Unpacking Coffee

Hosted by Raymond and Kandace Brigleb, the owners of Needmore Designs, Unpacking Coffee is meant for the layperson who loves coffee. They produce short episodes once a month and mostly review different brands of coffee and coffee-related products. They also occasionally interview industry insiders, though interviews are still mostly focused on facts that consumers will enjoy more than business owners.

4. I Brew My Own Coffee

This podcast is run by two coffee aficionados, Brian Beyke and Bryan Schiele. Twice a month they get together to chat about all things coffee, sometimes inviting guests on the show and other times just chatting amongst themselves. Episodes go all the way back to 2014, so there's a lot for you to listen to!

5. Audio Cafe: for Baristas, Coffeehouses & Coffee Lovers

Started in January 2014 by Levi “Boyrista” Andersen, Audio Café features guests from all areas of the coffee industry chatting about all kinds of topics. They even sometimes talk about tea! The podcast has temporarily stopped running, but it is sure to be back within a few months.

6. Cat & Cloud

Cat & Cloud is both a podcast and a premium coffee shop. Once a week they come together to chat about all things coffee, focusing on a different industry related theme each week. Most podcasts are intended for people who work in the coffee industry or who want to get into it.

7. Stone Creek Coffee

Drew Pond and Christian Ott, co-directors of the Stone Creek Coffee craft roastery, get together twice a month to discuss the coffee industry and share insider tips. Some of the topics they've covered include coffee conferences and sustainability in coffee.

8. Coffee is ME

Valerian, founder of European coffee roasting company Green Plantation, records Coffee is ME once a week to help other coffee entrepreneurs. His podcast is focused entirely on how to build a successful coffee business, and there are over 40 episodes.

9. Boise Coffee

This podcast is hosted by Collin Mansfield, author of the coming book The Beginner's Handbook to Excellent Coffee. Boise Coffee focuses on coffee culture more than industry specifics. Usually the podcast goes up twice a month, with a break for fall/winter.

10. Portafilter Podcast

The Portafilter Podcast is posted erratically, but every episode takes an in depth look at a different aspect of the industry. Many things have changed in coffee over the past few years, but many more have stayed the same, so even their old episodes are worth listening to.

11. Bellissimo Coffee Podcast

The Bellissimo Coffee Podcast only ran for a short period of time, but the episodes are timeless and still worth listening to, especially if you're new to the coffee industry. They focus mostly on baristas and their experiences.

12. Coffee Lovers Radio

Hosted by Joseph Robertson of Coffee Lovers Magazine and Jesse Nelson of Conduit Coffee, this podcast is less focused on the industry and more on the overall experience of coffee. Topics they've covered include how to brew the best coffee possible, the history of coffee, and current news in the world of coffee.

Most of these podcasts are aimed at coffee industry insiders, but there's definitely something on this list for every coffee lover. And new podcasts are being released all the time—let us know if there's a podcast you think we should add to the list!

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