Coffeevac Review

Open Coffevac canister

Pros: The Coffeevac storage system keeps light and air away from your coffee beans so their flavors last longer.

Cons: Coffeevac uses an imperfect vacuum seal, so beans will dry out eventually (usually after several months).

What is the Coffeevac?

The Coffeevac storage system is a vacuum-sealed container designed to keep your coffee beans fresh. It can hold up to one pound of coffee beans.

The Coffeevac's most unique feature is its one-button venting system, which vents CO2 without letting any oxygen in. This is essential to allow the venting process that naturally happens to beans over time.

In-Depth Review of the Coffeevac

The Coffeevac is more than a sleek black container that will look good in any kitchen. It's one of the best storage systems for your coffee, using a vacuum seal to preserve the flavor and aroma of your beans for many months. A specialized one-button venting system makes it possible to store even freshly roasted beans, as the vent can release CO2 without letting any oxygen into the container.

Food grade, BPA-free plastic approved by the FDA is used for the Coffeevac's main shell and lid, so you don't have to worry about contaminating your coffee. Unfortunately this plastic is also quite slippery, so you won't be able to pour your beans out reliably—it's recommended that you get a scoop for your coffee instead. The mouth of the container is wide enough to allow for easy scooping.

The other drawback—and the only major concern for most people—is that it uses a substandard vacuum seal. For heavy coffee drinkers this isn't a concern, as it still keeps coffee beans fresh for several months, but light coffee drinkers might find their beans dried out before the end.

The Verdict

If you're a heavy coffee drinker and you like to buy your beans in bulk, the Coffeevac storage system is the best way to keep those beans fresh. If you like to buy in bulk but you only drink a cup a day, you'll likely want to consider another system. There are several vacuum-sealed coffee storage systems available, and you can also use some food storage systems as a substitute.

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