Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster Review

Gene Cafe roaster

Pros: The Gene Café Home Coffee Roaster uses a hot air roasting process that allows it to roast your coffee quietly, but the coffee "cracks" can still easily be heard. It also has a highly efficient chaff collector when compared to other home roasters.

Cons: The rubber bumper against the drum will need to be replaced quickly. This roaster is also fairly high maintenance.

What is the Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster?

The Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster uses pressurized hot air to roast your coffee beans evenly. This uses the same principles as the popcorn maker coffee roasting technique, but is far more effective thanks to its specialized shape.

The Gene Café Home Coffee Roaster is a premium model, and it's obvious when you see it. A clear Pyrex top makes it possible for you to watch your coffee roasting, and the machine itself is made mostly with stainless steel. It comes in black or red, and many are initially drawn to it by its elegant aesthetic.

In-Depth Gene Café CBR-101 Review 

Over the centuries humans have refined the processes of growing, roasting and brewing coffee into art forms. The Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster, a premium home roaster wrapped in a very attractive package, is a clear sign of how far we've come.

The Gene Café CBR-101 has a round drum with a unique off-axis rotation that ensures an even roast every time. Its exterior is made out of Pyrex, a highly durable type of specialized glass that will last for several years with proper care. This also allows you to keep an eye on the roast, so you can ensure that every batch is roasted the correct amount.

The point of a home roaster is to make sure you get coffee roasted exactly the way you like it every time, and the Gene Café CBR-101 accomplishes this with fully adjustable time and temperature settings. It also has both an automatic setting and a manual shutoff.

Another great thing about the Gene Café CBR-101 is the chaff, which is removable for easy cleaning and is far more effective than competitors'. In fact, most parts of this machine are simple to remove for cleaning.

The Gene Café CBR-101 works with standard 120v power and can roast up to 250g worth of coffee at once. Its motor is also designed to be unusually quiet, so you can always hear the coffee "cracks".

Of course, no machine is perfect. The Gene Café CBR-101 has a thin rubber bumper against the drum, which most customers had to replace almost immediately. Some of the other parts are fragile, so they must be handled with care, and none of it is dishwasher friendly (although that last part is normal for a roaster). 


As we said above, no machine is perfect, but the Gene Café CBR-101 Home Coffee Roaster is pretty darn close. It produces an even roast every time, and with proper care could last you several years. If you have the money to invest, this premium machine is worth every cent.

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