24 Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Hand holding wrapped package

Choosing the right gifts for the people in your life can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. We all have at least one coffee lover in our lives, and this extensive list can help you pick out their birthday and holiday presents for years to come. 

1. Brew: Better Coffee At Home

Cover of Brew Better Coffee At Home

This book is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who just can't seem to get it right at home. It covers everything from beans to the right equipment to specific brewing methods. You might even want to read it yourself before you give it up!

2. Coffee Roaster

Coffee roaster sitting next to mug of coffee

Everyone knows that the best coffee is always made with freshly roasted beans. You can roast coffee with equipment already in your kitchen, but a designated coffee roaster makes it easier. 

3. Handi Home Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Handi Home cold brew coffee maker next to glass of cold brew coffee

This 43oz. coffee maker is specifically designed to make cold brew coffee, the ultimate summer treat for any coffee aficionado.

4. Coffee Cold Brew DIY Kit

DIY Cold Brew Kit

If the person you're shopping for prefers to get crafty, consider getting them this simple cold brew set up. 

5. MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

MiniPresso with Coffee Grinds Inside

Made entirely out of plastic and small enough to fit in a carry-on bag, the MiniPresso is the ideal gift for anyone who travels frequently and likes a strong cuppa on the road. 

6. Electric Coffee Grinder

Baratza electric coffee grinder

A good coffee grinder can completely revolutionize someone's relationship with coffee—and isn't that a wonderful thing to do for a friend? 

7. Turkish Coffee and Spice Grinder

Turkish coffee grinder surrounded by beans

Turkish coffee is an excellent treat, but most North American grinders simply can't grind the beans fine enough to make proper Turkish coffee. Oh, and Turkish coffee grinders look really cool.

8. Turkish Coffee Pot 

Turkish coffee pot

To make Turkish coffee properly, you'll also need a specialty pot. This pot is the most highly recommended style, and once again, it looks way cooler than a regular coffee pot.

9. 2-Cup Stovetop Percolator 

Two cup stovetop percolator

Any coffee loving couple is sure to love this adorable 2-cup percolator, especially if they enjoy espresso. 

10. Olive Wood French Press

French press made from glass and olive wood

A fancy French Press certainly isn't a requirement to enjoying coffee, but the coffee lover in your life will still love this upgrade. Along with an elegant, classy look, this French Press features a well-shaped spout that allows for easy pouring.

11. Yama 6-8 Cup Cold Drip Maker

Yama drip coffee maker in use

This specialty device makes Japanese style cold brew coffee. It's also one of the coolest looking coffee making systems in the entire world, and a great conversation piece. 

12. Milk Frother

Secura milk frother

Lattes and cappuccinos are delicious, but they can quickly become expensive habits. This milk frother will allow you—or whoever you're buying it for—to enjoy cappuccinos and lattes without leaving your house or forking over $6.

13. Color Changing Heat Cup 

Two coloring changing coffee mugs, one cold and one hot

These adorable cups go from a sleepy face to a bright smiley face when they heat up, much the way your own face changes after the first few sips of coffee. You can also find other types of color changing mugs, but these happen to be our favorites. 

14. K-Cup Display Carousel

K-Cup display carousel full of different coffee pods

Does the coffee lover in your life prefer using a pod-based coffee maker? Give them a handy carousel where they can display their collection of coffee pods. This one is technically designed for K-Cups, but most coffee pods for other systems will also fit. 

15. LugCup Travel Drink Cup Holder

LugCup holding coffee on suitcase handle

This nifty device makes it possible to attach a cup holder to anything, like a bicycle. It's the perfect size for most travel mugs or bottled drinks. 

16. Coffee Sampler Gift Set

Box of six different types of coffee beans

We've chosen to link to the Right Roast Sampler from Coffee Beanery, but there are dozens of coffee sampler sets on Amazon alone. As an added bonus, when you ask which one they liked best you'll have the perfect special treat to buy them next year!

17. Automatic Sugar Dispenser

Automatic sugar dispenser filled with sugar

An automatic sugar dispenser measures out your sugar in either teaspoons or half teaspoons, allowing you to get exactly the right amount in your coffee every time.

18. Coffeevac Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

White Coffeevac with lid beside canister

Keeping your coffee in the bag or container it came in allows the coffee to air out and lose its flavor over time. A good vacuum sealed container can keep it fresh indefinitely, as long as it's kept closed when not in use. This is ideal for anyone who likes to buy in bulk or people who only drink coffee a couple of times a week.

19. Animal Travel Mug With Handle

Travel mug with photo of deer in the woods during winter

Many travel mugs lack handles, which can make carrying them around a real pain in the butt. Luckily there are almost as many travel mugs that do feature handles. We've picked the River's Edge travel mug because we love the way it looks, but there are dozens of options to choose from on Amazon alone.

20. Coffee Scrub

Arabica coffee scrub

Coffee is also remarkably good for your face; the caffeine energizes your skin and it's also loaded with antioxidants. If you know anyone who's obsessed with both their coffee and their skin care, this is the perfect gift for them.

21. 3D Latte Maker

3D latte art maker and two cups of lattes with 3D bears made from milk on top

Latte art is all the rage, and 3D latte art is even cooler. This affordable device can help you and your friends make 3D latte art of your own. 

22. Travel Coffee Maker Kit

Travel pour over coffee maker in use

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road will appreciate this nifty kit, made with BPA-free plastic and a reusable paperless filter.

23. Coffee Spoon and Rest

Coffee spoon and rest with the inscriptions "perk up" and "caffeine the other vitamin C".

This adorable little spoon rest will protect your kitchen and dining furniture from coffee and tea stains alike.

24. Have a Cup: A Coffee and Tea Coloring Book for Stress Relief

Have a Cup coloring book cover

The adult coloring book craze seems to have died down a bit, but there are still millions of people who love them. If you know one of them, and they also happen to be a coffee lover, this book will combine their passions perfectly.

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