Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine Review

Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine

Pros: The Lavazza Espresso Point can make more than just espresso—it can also make tea, hot chocolate, and regular coffee.

Cons: The Lavazza Espresso Point only works with proprietary Lavazza cartridges, and they have a smaller drink selection than other single serve machines.

What is the Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine?

The Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine is a single serve pod-based coffee machine designed with the ideal espresso in mind. It has several settings meant specifically for espresso, but is also capable of making several other hot drinks, including regular coffee. 

When you purchase the Lavazza Espresso Point you'll also receive some espresso pods to get you started (how many depends on the package you purchase), a milk frother, and several tools designed to make cleaning the machine easy.

In-Depth Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine Review

Lavazza is an Italian company with a long history in the coffee industry, stretching all the way back to the early 1900's. The Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine is the culmination of everything they've learned about coffee during that time, a beautiful, simple machine with many features.

The Lavazza Espresso Point is much more than an espresso maker. It makes three different sizes of espresso, regular coffee/other hot drinks with Lavazza cartridges, and it also dispenses hot water you can use with a tea of your choice. There's also a milk frother for those of you who like cappuccinos.

Unlike many other home espresso machines, the Lavazza Espresso Point heats up rapidly and makes a relatively small amount of noise.

The Lavazza Espresso Point also comes with several tools for cleaning, along with detailed instructions for both operation and cleaning between uses. Some customers have complained about the length of time it takes to clean, but the instructions are easy to follow and with proper maintenance, this machine may last for several years. 

Of course, nothing's perfect; when it comes to price, the Lavazza Espresso Point is on the high end of the midrange, and it's made even more expensive by the proprietary cartridges. Lavazza has only recently entered the coffee pod business, so they don't have nearly as many flavors available as other brands, meaning you'll spend more money to get half the variety.

That said, most people adore the flavors available for the Lavazza Espresso Point, and the cartridges themselves can be even more affordable than other brands. They are frequently sold in bulk on Amazon, so keep your eye out for good deals. 


Everyone agrees that the Lavazza Espresso Point Coffee Machine makes excellent espresso and coffee, but it's definitely on the expensive side for a home machine—and the use of cartridges can make it even more expensive in the long run. 

In other words, if you have the budget, this machine is definitely worth it, but it's still worth taking a look at other options. You might decide you don't want to go with a pod-based machine at all.

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