20 Best Monthly Coffee Subscription Boxes in the United States

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The number of people visiting subscription box websites has grown by 800% since 2014, and the number of subscription box services has swelled to meet this demand. There are thousands of subscription box services across dozens of industries. Today we're going to take a look at the top 20 coffee subscription services, also known as coffee of the month clubs.

The following subscription boxes are available in the United States. 

1. Angels' Cup

Angel's Cup screenshot

There are three different types of Angels' Cup subscriptions: Cupping Flight (4 small samples), The Black Box (4 larger samples), and the All Stars subscription (1 bag). The samples come in identical containers, so you judge each type of coffee entirely on taste rather than packaging.

With a years' subscription to Cupping Flight or The Black Box, you'll get to try 208 different types of coffee. And you don't need to invest much to enjoy this privilege. The Cupping Flight subscription only costs $9.99, and The Black Box is only $21.99.

2. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee screenshot

Driftaway coffee lets you customize your subscription entirely to your taste. They start by sending you an actual tasting kit with four different types of coffee. You can then let Driftaway know which beans you prefer and they'll tailor future shipments to your specifications.

You can also choose the exact size of each bag of coffee, along with how often it's delivered.

Driftaway offers monthly, biweekly and even weekly subscriptions. The base price for the smaller Driftaway bags is $16 per shipment, and paying for a full year upfront saves you the price of one full bag.

3. Nomad Coffee

Nomad Coffee screenshot

Nomad Coffee brings a 12-ounce bag of freshly roasted coffee beans—enough for most people to brew 62 cups—once a month, for a base rate of $19/month. They offer subscriptions on a month-to-month basis as well as six month and year-long plans.

Nomad Coffee also offers a variety of larger subscription plans for offices.

4. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle screenshot

Blue Bottle Coffee makes a variety of coffee and espresso blends, and they also offer a variety of subscription boxes based on taste. Choose between "Blend Assortment", "Espresso Assortment", and "Single Origin Assortment". They even have a decaf subscription. Not sure what type of coffee is best for you? Take their coffee quiz and find out.

Blue Bottle Coffee subscriptions start at as little as $8.00/shipment, and you can choose to get your coffee delivered on a monthly or biweekly basis.

5. Bean Box

Bean Box screenshot

Bean Box offers a huge range of coffees, and they have dozens of box-style offerings so you can try them all. Their main sellers are their coffee subscription plans, the Bean Box Coffee Sampler (four 1.8oz samples) and the Coffee of the Month (one 12oz bag). Both options let you choose your preferred type of roast (light, dark, decaf, etc.).

The Bean Box Sampler and Coffee of the Month subscriptions both cost about $20/month. You can reduce the price by paying for a six month or year-long subscription up front.

6. MistoBox

Mistobox screenshot

The MistoBox subscription lets you choose your favorite type of roast and sends you 12oz. of freshly roasted beans every month. You can choose to receive shipments anywhere from once a month to once a week. They also offer deluxe boxes for true coffee connoisseurs.

A MistoBox subscription can cost you anywhere from roughly $13.00/month to roughly $20/month.

7. Starbucks Reserves

Starbucks Reserve screenshot

Once a month, members of the Starbucks Reserves club receive an 8.8oz bag of hand-picked small-lot coffee. At this time they only let members purchase subscriptions for up to three months. This subscription will cost you $20/month.

Starbucks does also provide other subscription-style services, including services for teas as well as coffee.

8. Angelino's

Angelion's screenshot

Angelino's is a coffee subscription that specializes in coffee pods for Keurig machines. They let you mix and match your blends, so you can enjoy the full range of Keurig coffees. Not sure what flavors you'll enjoy most? You can order a sample pack first.

An Angelino's subscription starts at roughly $25/box, and there are three different box sizes for you to choose from.

9. Coffee Crate

Coffee Crate

Each Coffee Crate contains three different roasts from local North Carolina roasters. These are accompanied by roasters' notes, allowing you to see into the process of creating magnificent coffee, and sometimes other special treats.

The Coffee Crate subscription costs just under $25.00/month when purchased for a full year, or roughly $30/month for a month-to-month subscription.

10. Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club screenshot

The Atlas Coffee Club sends you a mystery coffee from a new country each month. You can choose between half bags (6oz), full bags (12oz), and double bags (24oz).

An Atlas Coffee Club subscription starts at less than $10/month and can go all the way up to $30/month, depending on how much coffee you drink.

11. Kings Arms Brew Club

King's Arm screenshot

As a member of the Kings Arms Brew Club, you'll receive a random single origin coffee from a craft roasterie. All beans are shipped to your home within 3-5 days of roasting to maximize flavor.

You can become a member of the Kings Arms Brew Club for less than $20/shipment, and deliveries are available on a monthly or biweekly basis.

12. Crema

Crema screenshot

Crema walks new members through a four-step process. First, you choose your preferred roast, then your preferred taste. At this point, a collection of blends are shown, and you choose the one that sounds best to you. Then you save your preferences and create your member account so you can start your subscription.

Crema subscriptions are only available on a monthly basis. The cost varies based on the type of coffee you prefer, but it's usually around $20/bag.

13. White Tale

White Tale screenshot

The White Tale coffee subscription service offers an incredible level of customization. You can choose your favorite roast (or "Surprise Me"), your three favorite flavors, and even the grind of your beans—or no grind at all.

Once you've selected your coffee preferences, you can also select how often to receive deliveries. White Tale will deliver as often as once a week or as infrequently as once a month, and it typically costs about $20/delivery.

14. Moustache Coffee Club

Moustache screenshot

Every month members of the Moustache Coffee Club receive a bag of in-season, freshly roasted coffee from one of the world's best growing regions. Moustache Coffee Club beans are shipped the same day they're roasted.

They offer a variety of subscription plans, including a "Duet" plan that is ideal for couples (or really heavy coffee drinkers). They also offer a completely FREE trial.

15. Citizen Bean

Citizen screenshot

Citizen Bean takes the concept of a coffee subscription one step further, creating what they call "coffee adventures" every month. Each adventure comes with a full pound of coffee, along with specially chosen accessories, roasters' profiles, recipes, and more.

There are several coffee adventure plans available, based on the type of roast you want, how much coffee you want, and how often you wish to receive that coffee. Plans start with a minimum of three months' subscription, with a base cost of roughly $80 for that initial three month period.

16. Stay Roasted

Stay Roasted screenshot

Stay Roasted lets you choose how much coffee you'll receive, what type of coffee it will be, how often it will be delivered, and even who it will be roasted by. You're shown a collection of top artisanal roasters based on your coffee preferences, and you can put them in order from your most preferred brewer to your least favorite brewer. This order can be changed at any time.

Stay Roasted beans can be delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The base price for a single monthly bag of coffee is roughly $20.

17. Mix Cups

Mix Cups

Mix Cups sends mixed and matched assortments of coffee for single-serve machines. They offer a variety of mixes that can be tailored to your personal taste. Their boxes also come in three different sizes, ranging in price from roughly $13/box to about $50/box.

Subscription plans of three, six and twelve months are available from Mix Cups.

18. Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee screenshot

Craft Coffee makes it easy for you to get coffee you'll love delivered directly to your doorstep. All you have to do is tell them what you already prefer drinking, and they'll recommend similar beans. You can then choose your grind (or whole beans) and how often your coffee will be delivered.

Craft Coffee uses a price match system, promising that they can deliver freshly roasted coffee for within $0.08/oz of what you'd typically pay.

19. Collected Coffee

Collected Coffee screenshot

Founded in 2016, Collected Coffee has already become one of the most respected subscription services in the entire coffee industry. They test thousands of coffees from all over the world and send you a bag of one of their favorites each month. Every Collected Coffee box comes with recipes tailor-made for the specific coffee bean you've been sent. They also host members-only brewing classes to help you make the best coffee possible every time.

What makes Collected Coffee truly unusual is their exclusivity. In order to maintain the highest quality possible, Collected Coffee only accepts new members a couple of times a year. Keep an eye on their site to see when they start accepting members again!

20.  Stumptown Coffee Roaster

Stumptown screenshot

Stumptown Coffee is an 18-year old speciality roaster. They offer subscription plans for every type of coffee they roast in-house, starting at roughly $15/shipment. You can receive anywhere from one 8oz bag to three 12oz bags per shipment.

All Stumptown subscription plans can be set up for three, six ,or twelve months.

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